I AM that I AM

~ Minister of Public Enlightenment and Revolution Propaganda.

~ Magically Sarcastic yet Humorously Dark.

~ A nasty spoon full of TRUTH in a world intoxicated on sweet lies.

Shit makes the grass grow…

~ M.Sa-Ra ©2005

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20 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your video The Originals Amazingly Enlightening. I have been on a life long quest to Reclaim My African Mind. Unit is the Only Salvation for the BLACK Community !!!

    • Greetings Darryl. Glad to hear that “The Originals” resonated with you! I wish you much success on your journey to rediscover SELF… it is a difficult yet beautiful journey indeed. Thanks for watching and commenting.

      • It is a lonely journey, but everyday the Light of Truth I get from sources like yours brings Light to the Darkness! !!!

  2. Brilliant discriptive writing and videos that stand in a league of their own. Much appreciated and I shared them with everyone that I know. “The One question” was uploaded as a “fed book” facebook video and the truth hit so hard that it was deleted after it began circulation. As you covered all of your bases, I assume the ego of most caucasions was fractured and stung by the truth that you revealed so they petitioned to have it removed. I reposted the youtube video though because its something that needs to be read and heard? Big ups and I will continue to read listen and share. Your work is definitely a teaching tool.

  3. Brother Cory, Thanks again for your kind words and support. Unfortunately, the reason for the FB deletion was a copyright infringement dispute due to the admin of the FB page(you are speaking about) having illegally downloaded and re-uploaded “The One Question” video as if they created it, instead of simply sharing from the original source. Also, it was done without my permission nor did they attempt to contact me with a simple heads up. Very unfortunate as to how some of us still choose to treat each other. But yet and still, as long as those who need to view it can do so, then its all good. Thanks again for your support my brother!!

  4. First, BIG UP!! I ask that the Most-High shines light on your path and keeps you close.

    I was sent your video “Why Bother” by a friend and it was the very best thing I had seen or heard in a long while. I have since moved on to “Perception Vandalized” and I saw myself in that video. Not shock or hurt because I’m a victim, but glad it’s pointed out so something can be done today to put a stop to the behavior. I’ll get to the other material as the week goes on, but thank you so much for work and please don’t stop.

  5. Peace, Asé, and hotep family. I must say, u have mastered ur craft. I’ve been on the path of knowledge of self for some time now, with my own research leading me to certain truths. And I had come to a wall so to speak, feeling unable to put my knowledge into action for countless different reasons. But the four videos I’ve seen have been so inspiring and self realizing. I now feel that I’ve found wut I didn’t know I was searching for. Thank you family, Asè, and hotep. May your strength grow by way of the ancestors.

  6. Hello Sa7Ra7isms<

    Those Children tells it ALL! I am producing a cable TV show called The Soul Sista #1 Show and I am writing for permission to show your video with full credit to you and links to this site.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Linda X

  7. Your videos are amazing! Please keep continue to provide the information to our people. If you need any financial support now or in the future, I will definitely help.
    Thank you!
    Much love from Holland

  8. Your work is note worthy and the content is delivered with so much ease. I enjoy your YouTube channel and would enjoy seeing more of your work! Thx!

  9. Wow! I just discovered your videos and they made me cry, especially “Why Bother and The Black Journey Home.” Beautiful! I am waking up and when the student is ready, the teacher will come… just what I needed to hear!

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