SELF-HATRED amongst Melanated People runs deep! How would I know? Because I’ve suffered from it too…

~M Sa-Ra ©2016


3 thoughts on “The Journey BLACK Home

  1. I appreciate the information you are sharing to enlighten our people. My experience of self-hate was not of being lighter, but was of not being darker, and I am not a light skinned person, nor did I want to be. Through out my life I have been plagued by self-haters because they weren’t light enough nor had the so called good hair, and even some who had those traits but wanted to look more “African”. I have learned that people worldwide suffer from some form of self-hate due to the invasion of Europeans.

  2. I love you brother!….The most balanced awakening of self truth I have ever heard…from the black prescriptive… Blessings!

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