No one is coming to save us.

Help is not on the way.

There will be no leader.

Voting will not save us.

Jesus is not checking for us.

Their God has not answered our prayers.

Their system is designed to benefit and protect them.

We will never be included.

We will not change their hearts or minds.

They will never acknowledge that they are the problem.

We are their problem.

They do not care about us.

We have no allies.

We have no empathizers or sympathizers.

No one will understand our experience but us.

Stop wasting your time.

Stop waiting for someone else to do something.

People will not do anything until a PERSON does something first.

Stop being afraid.

Wake up, Shut up, and DO something!

Don’t know what to do?

Do anything other than what you’ve been doing.

You are on your own!

We are on our own!

If these facts overwhelm you, then you are not built for this battle.


M Sa-Ra ©2015


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