You can easily spot those who are impatiently looking for a Leader.

Instead of putting their own beliefs and rhetoric into action, those who are impatiently looking for a leader, are those who do nothing more than criticize,nitpick and disagree with individuals or groups who are already leading others.

Obviously, it is much easier(and safer) to wait for a leader while complaining about others, than it is to actually put your own words and ideas in to action.

If you feel that YOU have the proper answers and solutions, then what is stopping YOU from putting those answers and solutions in to motion with actions?

With a little bit of courage,common sense and mental maturity, YOU can actually become the leader that you are impatiently waiting for.

Once YOU finally become a leader, now YOU can experience first hand the criticism, nitpicking and constant judgement from those who are still impatiently waiting for a leader.

M Sa-Ra ©2015

2 thoughts on “Impatiently Waiting

  1. Please dont stop making yhese videos! After finding “Those Children” in my fb feed I wstched more videoes on your youtue channel. We need more peopke of color to see them. I cant explain the visceral affect that theyve had on me.

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