Dawn_-_swifts_creek03 As dawn approaches, the first rays of sunlight push back the darkness uncovering complete and total devastation. Buildings are leveled, houses toppled, businesses destroyed. Highways and roads no longer exist. Millions of lives have been lost. Massive fires burn out of control with no help in sight. No electricity, no running water, no government agencies, no media coverage of the catastrophe. Complete and total devastation.

As the morning progresses, a handful of young survivors emerge from the wreckage. No one knows what came in the night that caused these children’s lives to change forever. The oldest survivor is 12. Few words are spoken between the children but the expression on their faces says it all…” what shall we do?”

As nightfall approaches the children begin heading towards the mountains to escape the devastation of their towns and cities. As they walk aimlessly throughout the night, deeper into the woods, literally feeling their way through the darkness, not one word was spoken. Cold, exhausted and hungry, the group stops near a stream to rest for the remainder of the night. As they slept, two of the children sat and watched the stars while waiting  anxiously for the sun to reappear. Hours past and not a word was spoken between the two.

Shortly before the dawn, while starring into the night sky, a voice broke the silence; ”how do we rebuild”, he said. Startled by the sound of his voice, she turned to him to reply. But just then, she noticed the orange glow of sunlight rising behind him.

As dawn approached, the first rays of light pushed back the darkness uncovering their surroundings; fruit trees, fertile soil and a fresh water stream flowing into a small lake full of leaping fish surrounded by palm trees and bamboo shoots. “Ho do we rebuild” he asked again. While quietly reaching for a piece of fruit on a branch overhead, she replied…

“We don’t!”


– M Sa-Ra ©1998